Where have all these Indians gone? At least 80 ‘missing’ complaints in UAE

Cases of missing Indians are increasing even as authorities seek public help to identify yet another body.

Sources told this webiste that since January this year, at least 80 ‘missing’ complaints have been filed.

In the latest incident, Dubai Police have urged public to come forward and help trace the details of an unidentified body (seemingly an Asian man in mid-20s) found in Dubai Creek opposite Bank of Baroda.

It is more easy to identify accident victims, compared to other cases, says C P Matthew of Valley of Love. “Unless the person had been living illegally in the country with no legal documents, accident cases are very easily identifiable. But that is not the case if a dead body is found somewhere in the beach or desert,” he added.

Of late, there has been a number of complaints regarding missing Indians, as well, he said. “I am aware of at least 80 such complaints that were registered with the Indian mission.”

But India’s Consul General in Dubai Sanjay Varma said that the numbers are negligible. Speaking to ‘Emirates 24|7’, he said: “In many cases, these are people who are in prison and do not want to inform their families and relatives about their status and so deliberately cut all communications with acquaintences. However, as and when we receive such complaints we do look into them. We also take the help of other community-based organisations to help trace missing people,” said Varma.

Officials from the Ministry of Health or the Dubai Health Authority, under whose control the mortuaries in Dubai and the other emirates operate were not available for comment.


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